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Presention Days 


Presentation Day is held during Celebration Week and is our special end of year event for our classes at Confetti Dance.


It’s our version of the end of year performance, made appropriate for small children, and much less stress-free for parents. No hair, no make up and no 3 hour concerts 😉


We hold your child’s Presentation Day class on your regular day and time so the children are familiar with their teacher and their activities. Forget a huge auditorium filled with strange faces: The Presentation Day performance has an audience of just Mums, Dads and special family and friends.

The Open Days Confetti Dance holds at the end of each term are designed to get your child used to performing in front of small audiences. We build towards Presentation Day throughout the year!


There is only one class performing at a time, so you get to see your child shine and perform the entire time! The whole experience is about YOUR child. Mum & Dad are only a few feet away at any time enjoying their child perform. It truly is a wonderful and joyful end to our year at ballet.

There are no extra rehearsals or photo days to worry about. You are welcome to take whatever photos and videos you like of your tiny dancer as long as it is used for non-commercial purposes only.

Presentation Day is completely stress free for parents. Forget about complicated ballet costumes, crafting the perfect ballet bun or getting stage make-up for your little one. You simply turn up at your usual class time and put your dancer into their costume and attach hair piece that will be waiting for them – they also get to keep this gorgeous costume & Hair Piece.


Presentation Day medal is a small additional cost invoiced in Term 4 and this cost includes admission for family and friends an is a wonderful recognition of their hard work throughout the year.

The focus for Presentation Day is on YOUR child’s success and enjoyment – it’s your little dancers chance to shine, and to share their love of dance with you all. I am sure you will be so proud and get a little misty-eyed as you watch your child receive their Presentation Day medal.

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