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Confetti Ballet
Ages: 3.5 years - 5 years
Duration: 45 minutes
Fees: $17.00 per class when paid by the term
A $8.00 Accident Insurance Fee will be added to your first invoice for each term.


Our Confetti Ballet program is for children who are ready to take instruction from a teacher and work independently of their parent. Children are introduced to the idea of working in a group under the guidance of a teacher.
Each term follows 2 exciting themes and aims to present a ballet class in a way that will keep a small child's interest by having fun and being imaginative.
The class offers:
Dancing to music
Use of props (such as ribbons, wands)
Musical Instruments
Basic movement co-ordination of gross motor skills
Basic introduction to ballet steps
An introduction to concepts such as:
Group co-operation
Waiting ones turn
Following the leader

Class sizes are limited to 14 children per class.

There is NO enrolment fees, and NO uniforms to buy.


​The program revolves around 2 themes, allowing the child to become familiar with the routine of the class. This gives them the sense of security and helps to develop particular movement skills through repetition. There is a strong narrative that runs through all the themes to keep the children's interest, wile learning the foundations of dance and therefore, learning through sense of play.

Class Structure:


While there is a very strong theme and narrative which runs through the class it is structured like a Classical Ballet class for pre-school children. Each class is made up of particular elements which make up the basics of all dance classes. While it is important to us to give the children a fun and positive experience, we also feel strongly about teaching them the basics of dance.

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